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This is the way the world ends \ This is the way the world ends \ Not with a bang but with __________.
9 hours ago
23 Doing the right thing.
What's that smell?
9 hours ago
26 A balanced breakfast.
In a world ravaged by __________, our only solace is __________.
9 hours ago
1 Dead parents.
Licking things to claim them as your own.
What will I bring back in time to convince people that I am a powerful wizard?
12 hours ago
37 The American Dream.
What's Teach for America using to inspire inner city students to succeed?
12 hours ago
38 The Underground Railroad.
What ended my last relationship?
12 hours ago
41 Getting drunk on mouthwash.
I'm sorry, Professor, but I couldn't complete my homework because of __________.
12 hours ago
52 The milk man.
After the earthquake, Sean Penn brought __________ to the people of Haiti.
13 hours ago
57 Fear itself.
I got 99 problems but __________ ain't one.
13 hours ago
57 The Thong Song.
TSA guidelines now prohibit __________ on airplanes.
13 hours ago
39 The World of Warcraft.
TSA guidelines now prohibit __________ on airplanes.
z | 1
Sniffing glue.
x | 2
The glass ceiling.
c | 3
Stifling a giggle at the mention of Hutus and Tutsis.
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