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What's the gift that keeps on giving?
12 hours ago
40 Clams.
And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for __________.
16 hours ago
70 Gloryholes.
What's the new fad diet?
17 hours ago
94 72 virgins.
What's that sound?
17 hours ago
76 Genital piercings.
What's a girl's best friend?
17 hours ago
61 Suicidal thoughts.
What never fails to liven up the party?
17 hours ago
41 Goblins.
When I pooped, what came out of my butt?
17 hours ago
82 Man meat.
A romantic, candlelit dinner would be incomplete without __________.
17 hours ago
70 Erectile dysfunction.
Next from J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Chamber of __________.
17 hours ago
72 White privilege.
It's a pity that kids these days are all getting involved with __________.
17 hours ago
103 Literally eating shit.
What's Teach for America using to inspire inner city students to succeed?
z | 1
x | 2
Suicidal thoughts.
c | 3
Drum circles.
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This is a work in progress - inspired by, but not affiliated with, the amazing folks at Cards Against Humanity.
The cards are a mix of CAH originals and custom original words and phrases.
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