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Rumor has it that Vladimir Putin's favorite dish is __________ stuffed with __________.
81 mins ago
1 The American Dream.
A woman scorned.
What don't you want to find in your Chinese food?
81 mins ago
83 Barack Obama.
Life for American Indians was forever changed when the White Man introduced them to __________.
81 mins ago
47 Third base.
__________ is a slippery slope that leads to __________.
81 mins ago
2 Multiple stab wounds.
Bond, James Bond.
I'm sorry, Professor, but I couldn't complete my homework because of __________.
81 mins ago
84 Beer shits.
What brought the orgy to a grinding halt?
81 mins ago
14 The Übermensch.
After Hurricane Katrina, Sean Penn brought __________ to the people of New Orleans.
81 mins ago
58 A Bop It™.
In 1,000 years, when paper money is but a distant memory, __________ will be our currency.
81 mins ago
50 Getting so angry that you pop a boner.
In his new self-produced album, Kanye West raps over the sounds of __________.
81 mins ago
119 Masturbation.
I drink to forget __________.
81 mins ago
45 The terrorists.
z | 1
Horse meat.
x | 2
Paris Hilton.
c | 3
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This is a work in progress - inspired by, but not affiliated with, the amazing folks at Cards Against Humanity.
The cards are a mix of CAH originals and custom original words and phrases.
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