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I drink to forget __________.
2 hours ago
44 Tangled Slinkys.
Next on ESPN2: The World Series of __________.
2 hours ago
51 Mistaking a retarded person for someone who's merely deaf.
In Rome, there are whisperings that the Vatican has a secret room devoted to __________.
2 hours ago
22 Jibber-jabber.
Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's __________.
2 hours ago
79 The clitoris.
In his new self-produced album, Kanye West raps over the sounds of __________.
2 hours ago
48 Appreciative snapping.
The CIA now interrogates enemy agents by repeatedly subjecting them to __________.
2 hours ago
83 Half-assed foreplay.
What's there a ton of in heaven?
2 hours ago
109 Incest.
What's the most emo?
2 hours ago
43 Women's suffrage.
The U.S. has begun airdropping __________ to the children of Afghanistan.
2 hours ago
39 Consultants.
Lifetime® presents __________, the story of __________.
2 hours ago
1 Nicolas Cage.
Five-Dollar Footlongs™.
z | 1
Harry Potter erotica.
x | 2
The chronic.
c | 3
This answer is postmodern.
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The cards are a mix of CAH originals and custom original words and phrases.
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