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What is Batman's guilty pleasure?
41 hours ago
68 Front butt.
In the distant future, historians will agree that __________ marked the beginning of America's decline.
41 hours ago
36 Stranger danger.
During Picasso's often-overlooked Brown Period, he produced hundreds of paintings of __________.
41 hours ago
61 Grandma.
What's the crustiest?
41 hours ago
39 Dropping a chandelier on your enemies and riding the rope up.
In M. Night Shyamalan's new movie, Bruce Willis discovers that __________ had really been __________ all along.
41 hours ago
1 Five-Dollar Footlongs™.
Customer service representatives.
Why do I hurt all over?
41 hours ago
48 Dead babies.
In his new summer comedy, Rob Schneider is __________ trapped in the body of __________.
41 hours ago
1 A time travel paradox.
The miracle of childbirth.
In his new self-produced album, Kanye West raps over the sounds of __________.
41 hours ago
69 The Amish.
41 hours ago
49 Passing a kidney stone.
That's right, I killed __________. How, you ask? __________.
41 hours ago
2 Prosti-tots.
z | 1
The violation of our most basic human rights.
x | 2
Crumpets with the Queen.
c | 3
Being a dick to children.
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