Some Recent Plays
__________ is a slippery slope that leads to __________.
1 mins ago
1 Friends who eat all your snacks.
Dear Abby, I'm having some trouble with __________ and would like your advice.
2 mins ago
75 Firing a rifle into the air while balls deep in a squealing hog.
In 1,000 years, when paper money is but a distant memory, __________ will be our currency.
4 mins ago
104 Balls.
Science will never explain the origin of __________.
7 mins ago
103 My dick.
When Pharaoh remained unmoved, Moses called down a Plague of __________.
9 mins ago
53 Substitute teachers.
When I am a billionaire, I shall erect a 50-foot statue to commemorate __________.
12 mins ago
73 Not giving a shit about the Third World.
When I'm in prison, I'll have __________ smuggled in.
14 mins ago
64 Heartwarming orphans.
What's that sound?
16 mins ago
34 The drama club.
Life was difficult for cavemen before __________.
18 mins ago
71 Same-sex ice dancing.
Alternative medicine is now embracing the curative powers of __________.
23 mins ago
95 A sassy black woman.
After the earthquake, Sean Penn brought __________ to the people of Haiti.
z | 1
x | 2
A really cool hat.
c | 3
Public ridicule.
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This is a work in progress - inspired by, but not affiliated with, the amazing folks at Cards Against Humanity.
The cards are a mix of CAH originals and custom original words and phrases.
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