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What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?
5 hours ago
55 The heart of a child.
White people like __________.
5 hours ago
92 Sucking some dicks to not get drafted.
I got 99 problems but __________ ain't one.
5 hours ago
106 A defective condom.
__________ is a slippery slope that leads to __________.
5 hours ago
1 A cartoon camel enjoying the smooth, refreshing taste of a cigarette.
The forbidden fruit.
In 1,000 years, when paper money is but a distant memory, __________ will be our currency.
13 hours ago
21 Team building exercises.
Lifetime® presents __________, the story of __________.
13 hours ago
1 Leaving an awkward voicemail.
Faith healing.
__________: Kid-tested, mother-approved.
13 hours ago
127 Tentacle porn.
Next from J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Chamber of __________.
13 hours ago
58 Heartwarming orphans.
What's there a ton of in heaven?
13 hours ago
95 Necrophilia.
__________. Betcha can't have just one!
13 hours ago
49 Farting into your petticoats and wafting it at Lord Gregory.
Dear Abby, I'm having some trouble with __________ and would like your advice.
z | 1
Pretending to care.
x | 2
Dental dams.
c | 3
Picking up girls at the abortion clinic.
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This is a work in progress - inspired by, but not affiliated with, the amazing folks at Cards Against Humanity.
The cards are a mix of CAH originals and custom original words and phrases.
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