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Despite rumors to the contrary, I've never experienced __________.
9 mins ago by @DanCussen1
44 Being rich.
The class field trip was completely ruined by __________.
9 mins ago by @DanCussen1
38 Unfathomable stupidity.
When I am President of the United States, I will create the Department of __________.
9 mins ago by @DanCussen1
81 White people.
Due to a PR fiasco, Walmart no longer offers __________.
9 mins ago by @DanCussen1
71 A stray pube.
What's the next Happy Meal® toy?
9 mins ago by @DanCussen1
37 Geese.
Next on ESPN2: The World Series of __________.
10 mins ago by @DanCussen1
42 Eating the last known bison.
In the new Disney Channel Original Movie, Hannah Montana struggles with __________ for the first time.
10 mins ago by @DanCussen1
65 When you fart and a little bit comes out.
During sex, I like to think about __________.
10 mins ago by @DanCussen1
46 Count Chocula.
Why can't I sleep at night?
11 mins ago
60 Flesh-eating bacteria.
While the United States raced the Soviet Union to the moon, the Mexican government funneled millions of pesos into research on __________.
11 mins ago
114 Pictures of boobs.
z | 1
Genital piercings.
x | 2
The Little Engine That Could.
c | 3
Praying the gay away.
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The cards are a mix of CAH originals and custom original words and phrases.
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