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What's the crustiest?
19 hours ago
36 Cheating in the Special Olympics.
In M. Night Shyamalan's new movie, Bruce Willis discovers that __________ had really been __________ all along.
19 hours ago
1 Dead babies.
Domino's™ Oreo™ Dessert Pizza.
__________. High five, bro.
19 hours ago
98 White privilege.
I wish I hadn't lost the instruction manual for __________.
19 hours ago
61 Sexy Siamese twins.
After Hurricane Katrina, Sean Penn brought __________ to the people of New Orleans.
19 hours ago
61 Crippling debt.
__________ is a slippery slope that leads to __________.
19 hours ago
1 Cuddling.
The boners of the elderly.
In Michael Jackson's final moments, he thought about __________.
19 hours ago
49 Will Smith.
In an attempt to reach a wider audience, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History has opened an interactive exhibit on __________.
20 hours ago
89 Literally eating shit.
In its new tourism campaign, Detroit proudly proclaims that it has finally eliminated __________.
20 hours ago
61 Enormous Scandinavian women.
When I was tripping on acid, __________ turned into __________.
20 hours ago
1 Menstruation.
Elderly Japanese men.
z | 1
x | 2
Bananas in Pajamas.
c | 3
Fear itself.
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This is a work in progress - inspired by, but not affiliated with, the amazing folks at Cards Against Humanity.
The cards are a mix of CAH originals and custom original words and phrases.
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