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Despite rumors to the contrary, I've never experienced __________.
21 hours ago
93 Flying sex snakes.
When I was tripping on acid, __________ turned into __________.
21 hours ago
1 John Wilkes Booth.
Date rape.
What am I giving up for Lent?
22 hours ago
78 Porn stars.
Studies show that lab rats navigate mazes 50 percent faster after being exposed to __________.
22 hours ago
70 Flavored condoms.
__________: good to the last drop.
22 hours ago
87 Edible underpants.
In its new tourism campaign, Detroit proudly proclaims that it has finally eliminated __________.
22 hours ago
89 God.
What ended my last relationship?
22 hours ago
20 Goats eating cans.
Next on ESPN2: The World Series of __________.
22 hours ago
51 A fetus.
Due to a PR fiasco, Walmart no longer offers __________.
22 hours ago
36 Dropping a chandelier on your enemies and riding the rope up.
Why do I hurt all over?
22 hours ago
19 A big hoopla about nothing.
This season on Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls must survive in the depths of the Amazon with only __________ and his wits.
z | 1
An asymmetric boob job.
x | 2
c | 3
Raping and pillaging.
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