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In his new self-produced album, Kanye West raps over the sounds of __________.
30 hours ago
59 MechaHitler.
In his new summer comedy, Rob Schneider is __________ trapped in the body of __________.
30 hours ago
1 An asymmetric boob job.
A fetus.
When all else fails, I can always masturbate to __________.
30 hours ago
69 Kim Jong-il.
Rumor has it that Vladimir Putin's favorite dish is __________ stuffed with __________.
41 hours ago
1 Poorly-timed Holocaust jokes.
Keanu Reeves.
What did I bring back from Mexico?
41 hours ago
54 Masturbation.
When I am President of the United States, I will create the Department of __________.
41 hours ago
101 My genitals.
And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for __________.
41 hours ago
43 Panty raids.
Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children __________.
41 hours ago
83 Porn stars.
What's that sound?
41 hours ago
50 Dick fingers.
Next on ESPN2: The World Series of __________.
41 hours ago
70 Getting really high.
z | 1
x | 2
Heath Ledger.
c | 3
Girls who shouldn't go wild.
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The cards are a mix of CAH originals and custom original words and phrases.
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